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Z-01, Z-02
Plaster of Paris Bandages (as per B.P. 1988) - Hixfix

Hixfix is smooth cast bandage consist of superior quality of creamy texture (leno / gauze) fabric evenly impregnated with fine quality of Plaster of paris (GYPSUM) powder mixture with minimum setting time.

  • Light weight, durable, higher cast strength.

    Hixfix made from light weight fine POP powder & Leno / gauze, fabric light weight, easy to use with high compression & tensile strength.

  • Quick saturation, Rapid setting time, Minimum loss of free powder.

    Hixfix has excellent water absorbency capacity, shorter immersion, rapid setting time, minimal wet & dry powder loss, reduces repeat use of bandages and is very economical.

  • Smooth finish, strong, durable

    Hixfix is smooth, creamy finish & cosmetic look bandage. Easy and excellent mould ability & consistent layer to merging. Higher concentration & retention of pop powder ensuring durable cast strength.

Minimal blind spots on water absorption and no dry patches on bandages.
Plaster can bear partial load after 39 minutes and full load after 24 to 48 hours

  • Immobilization of all types of simple and compound fractures.
  • Bone fractures, joint diseases, osteotomy correction and prevention of club - foot deformity.
  • For treatment of dislocation of hip, other orthopaedic fractures, split, soft tissue injuries, spinal tuberculosis and trauma.
Available Sizes
  • Z-01: Hixfix 10cm X 2.7mtr
  • Z-02: Hixfix 15cm X 2.7mtr
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