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O-01, O-02, O-03, O-04
Zinc Oxide Adhesive Tape USP - Zincoplast
  • Skin friendly, minimal sensitivity.
  • Superior for dressing, retention and light strapping.
  • Pull free unwinding.
Applications/ Indications:
  • Suitable to use externally for all age groups.
  • To affix dressing to wound and hold primary dressing in shape and position.
  • To cover small wounds with gauze, padding, usually as a temporary measure till proper dressing available.
  • Suitable to hold intravenous needle, medical devices, electrodes, tubings.
Available Sizes
  • O-01: Zincoplast 10cm X 5mtr
  • O-02: Zincoplast 7.5cm X 5mtr
  • O-03: Zincoplast 5cm X 5mtr
  • O-04: Zincoplast 2.5cm X 5mtr
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