Customer Reviews

This thermometer from HICKS is the best thermometer . Very easy to use and understand. Quality of this digital thermometer is wonderful and comes in very cheap price.This product is used for measurement fever body temperature.

Atul Singh

Lucknow , Student

Being a doctor, I am very brand conscious when it comes to healthcare products. I find HICKS really reliable as it has never let my diagnosis go wrong. I personally recommend it to all my patients as well.


Noida , Doctor

Hicks Hot Water Bags (Rubber / PVC) are used to keep you warm by providing heat to a particular body part. It can be a real time saviour for people suffering from body aches during cold climatic conditions. It can also be used to relieve pain for muscular cramps, menstrual pain, muscle pull, ache due to excessive sport activity, rheumatic pain, arthritic pain, back/stomach pain and even pain in the joints.


Mumbai , Housewife

Hicks deals with a multidisciplinary range of intricately manufactured thermometers which measure the body temperature with a high degree of precision. Whether it be digital thermometers, or medical thermometers, or medical digital thermometers, all of them can be put into use in hospitals as well as households, since they are designed in a user friendly manner. These thermometers can either be digital in nature or simply mercury glass.

Puja Tyagi

Delhi , Housewife